Budgeting and Savings: Questions & Responses

Creating a Savings Plan

Dear AAFC: One of my clients has the experience of her savings account being closed by the bank because there were too many transfers to and from the checking account. For someone who already has the savings habit, what is the best method to build long-term savings?

Increasing Income

Dear AAFC: I am a single parent who is working full-time but barely making ends meet. I cannot work more hours because I already stretch the hours that my child care provider has my children. Is there any way to boost my income without adding more hours in the day?

Issues Related to Cashing-In a 401K

Dear AAFC: My company is closing and we will all be laid off as of next month. While I’m looking for work, it will be hard to live on state unemployment benefits since they will only be 75% of what I am used to earning. It’s pretty tempting to cash in my 401K so I can use that money to live on, but a friend told me that I should leave my 401K alone. What do you think?

Other Budgeting Systems in addition to Four Cornerstones

Dear AAFC: Some of my clients are not finding monthly budgeting systems helpful, and would like to have a weekly budget. Are there other budgeting forms or systems to use besides the monthly ones in the Four Cornerstones manual?
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