Other Consumer Topics: Questions & Responses

Cash Cards from Pawn Shops

Dear AAFC: I have clients getting a Cashpass Card from the pawn shop when they are unable to get services from a mainstream bank. Are there any problems using a Cashpass card, such as hidden expenses or high interest rates for an overdraft?

Divorce and Finances

Dear AAFC: My wife has moved out and plans to file for divorce. I am wondering what steps I need to take to protect myself financially in this process.

Finding Affordable Health Insurance

Dear AAFC: Many of the families I work with lose their health insurance when they change jobs. Not having insurance is such a big risk, but they cannot afford COBRA. What are options?

Long-Term Care Insurance Policies

Dear AAFC: My grandson is an insurance agent who has been pestering us to get long-term care insurance. My husband doesn’t think the high premiums are worth it, but I get worried when I hear that nursing home costs could wipe out your life savings. Who’s right?

Managing Income Tax Debts

Dear AAFC: I’m working with a family where the husband has $60,000 in debt with the IRS and they asked me about a law firm who advertised help with tax problems. How do you find a legitimate source for help with income tax debts?

Online Banks

Dear AAFC: I’m curious about online banks. How do I know if the bank is really FDIC insured? Am I more prone to ID theft by using them? Is it a good deal if they offer better rates but have disclaimers like “APRs subject to change upon approval of account”? Is all this worry worth it?

Protecting Vulnerable Adults

Dear AAFC: We are working with a guardian who is wondering if there is a way to flag a credit report so that no new credit is extended to vulnerable persons unable to enter contracts – if so, how does one do this?
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