Four Directions of Financial Security Curriculum

The Four Directions of Financial Security curriculum aims to inspire all families to move farther into asset-building, and away from debting and living financially on-the-edge. It is intended to build on the previous curriculum, Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy, and shares the same concern that many low-income and working poor families are routed by default into a second tier of financial life, of financial apartheid.

This time, the aim is to de-mystify investing so that these families can grow their savings and be safe in keeping and using them. Unlike many other curricula which focus on accumulation and “wealth,” financial security here means having enough, for now and for the future, for yourself and for the community. Enough is an attainable goal for everyone.

The Four Directions of Financial Security are:
  • Thrifty living to build your savings
  • Investing to grow your savings
  • Protecting to secure your savings
  • Building a future with your savings
The Four Directions of Financial Security was developed by Darryl Dahlheimer of Lutheran Social Service Financial Counseling (LSS) through a grant from the Office of Economic Opportunity - Minnesota Department of Human Services and a partnership with the Minnesota Community Action Partnership.

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